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As a non-partisan organization, MASDF encourages people to be more pro active in the prevention of domestic crimes and the  community stalking and harassment of vulnerable people; women, children, and seniors. The participation of those who have had these experiences is crucial and valuable. By building relationships with diverse individuals and groups throughout the country, MASDF strives to help bring awareness and effect change, while fostering positive long lasting relationships. supports all efforts that uplift and educate females.

Never Forget

Never forget the victims and survivors of domestic and gang violence. Click here to read some of their names and tragic stories. Survivors are an example for us all; and their stories are reminders that unless we wake up, confront, expose, and combat the predators, this list will continue to grow faster and longer than necessary.

Contribute to the Cause

As a grassroots organization started by a single mother, all help and support is greatly appreciated. MASDF supports women through our direct outreach programs and by working with other organizations that are cater to vulnerable people. Time, Resources, or a financial contribution are always welcomed. 



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