Never Forget Victims & Survivors

The list of victims and survivors of domestic violence, stalking, and harassment continues to grow at a rate that we all should feel is unacceptable. These crimes, suicides, and murders can be prevented with the knowledge to protect you, your family, and possibly help or prevent the next victim.

We should never forget victims and survivors, some of their names and tragedies are noted below. Their survival are examples for us all, and their stories are reminders that unless we wake up, confront, expose, and combat the predators, this list will continue to grow faster and longer than necessary.

The following is a list of victims and survivors of domestic violence; stalking & harassment, sexual assault, and/or other crimes against women and children. We should learn from their horrific experiences and they should NEVER be forgotten.


Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney – 3 year olds remains were found in a dumpster after missing for 10 days in October of 2019.

Maleah Davis – 4 year old murdered and discarded in a trash bag, in a field. Her body was found after she’d been run over by a lawnmower. Maleah’s mother’s ex boyfriend is facing charges related to her death, though his story has changed several times.

Nalani Johnson - 2 year old girl kidnapped and murdered by her father's Uber driving girlfriend, a mother herself.

Felicia Rudd – Believed to have been trafficked and murdered. Missing

Dante Daniels - 8 year old boy who died protecting his 7 year old sister from a child molester. The mother’s former boyfriend.

Whitney and Bobbi Kristina Houston – Brown


Laci Peterson – Murdered by husband

Michelle Le – Murdered by a jealous “friend” who went to the extreme of breaking into Michelle’s workplace and stealing an employees id as part of her stalking and ultimately premeditated murder.

Jholie Moussa – Teenage girl believed to have been murdered by teenage boy who’d previously assaulted her.

Conrad Roy III – 18 yr old encouraged to commit suicide by his 20 yr old “girlfriend.” Mental manipulation

NeShante Alesha Davis, 26, and her daughter, Chloe Nichole Davis-Green – Murdered by father

Stacy Ann Cales Peterson – Missing wife of former police officer Drew Peterson

Kathleen Savio – Murdered wife of former police officer Drew Peterson

Kenneka Jenkins, 19-year-old found dead in freezer

Nicole Mittendorff – Committed suicide, people believe it was due to harassment by her coworkers, predominately male.

Wynetta Wright and daughter Jaylin – 20 yr old woman and infant daughter murdered by her boyfriend (DC Cop) because he was facing a paternity lawsuit and didn’t want to pay child support for a baby girl he fathered out of wedlock.

Ashawnty Davis – 10 yr old girl committed suicide after school bullying incident was caught on camera.

Unnamed - 11-year-old girl was relentlessly bullied by teachers. One of them told the girl to “go kill herself” and threatened to fail other students if they didn’t fight the girl, police said. And when that teacher was removed from the classroom, a second teacher allegedly kept up the abuse. 


Paul-Marie Raymonds – Kidnapped and tortured for days by her ex, a married doctor who hired individuals to kidnap and torture Paul-Marie until she miscarried her unborn child. Paul-Marie ended the relationship with Cardiologist Vignendra Ariyarajah and was in a new relationship and expecting a child. This is the apparent motive for the kidnapping, torture, and murder of her baby.

Vicki Connolly – Abused wife of former police officer Drew Peterson

Andrea Grinage-Parks and daughter Journey – 90% of her body was critically burned while pregnant as a result of domestic violence

Recy Taylor – Gang raped by 6 men in 1944

Elizabeth Salone and daughter (mother and sister of Dante Daniels) – Attacked by boyfriend with hammer, knife, and lighter fluid. The attacker killed Dante.

Karla Jacinto – Sex Trafficking survivor, raped over 43,200 times in Mexico

Shandra Woworuntu & Austin Smith - Sex Trafficking survivors

Unnamed girl- 17 year-old girl was gang-raped, recorded, then posted on social media by 6 Virginia volunteer firefighters 


Unnamed women (at least 13 victims) – Raped by serial rapist former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw

Unnamed male - Raped by a male security professional who was impersonating a police officer


Unnamed male children – At least 42 boys were raped or assaulted by an HIV positive school coach (typically occurring at school)

Unnamed female and male children (25 victims possibly up to 45) – Raped, assaulted, victims of porn by a school aide (assaulted at schools, churches, and in their homes). Some of the children tried to report the assaults and were ignored by WOMEN.


Unnamed woman – Along with other predatory actions her ex husband created online ads with abhorrent titles advertising sex with his ex-wife, according to court papers. About 50 men showed up at her house; some tried to break in. One stranger even pulled down her young daughter’s pants. She fought back and he was sentenced to 85 years in prison.

The young men targeted and raped by their fellow football teammates at Damascus High School in MD. They were targeted and the perpetrators have stated it is a tradition. This has happened to numerous young men around the country and it’s often covered up and never legally addressed. These boys are heroes for speaking up and possibly preventing his offenders from harming another young man.